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At HMTC, We Provide theBest TRAINING AND CONSULTING services!

We have developed a uniquely effective, step-by-step, process-oriented training approach. It is designed to ensure that each participant becomes an appropriately trained, self-sufficient hazmat epmloyee. It is our goal to ensure that each participant is not only familiar with the appropriate transportation regulations, but that he/she understands the systematic process that leads to compliance. Each and every participant is important to us and receives all the tools and attention necessary to ensure successful completion of the training.

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What We Do

Ensuring Confidence

HMTC Training & Consulting provides the highest quality training and consulting services for those who transport Hazardous Materials, Hazardous Waste, Radioactive Materials and Mixed Waste. Our services are focused on enabling each customer to be in full compliance with all applicable Department of Transportation (DOT), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), International Air Transport Association (IATA) and International Maritime Dangerous Goods (IMDG) regulations. HMTC training courses meet all regulatory agency certification requirements and are appropriate for trainees with job functions that range from assisting with some aspect of packaging and preparing regulated shipments to certifying that every detail is in full compliance. The people of HMTC Training & Consulting have been in the business of providing transportation-related services for over 20 years and have trained or assisted more than 40,000 individuals nationwide. From publicly-offered courses to custom-designed private training to confidential audits, HMTC provides a wide range of options dedicated to meeting all of our customers’ transportation needs.



Customer Service

HMTC’s services don’t end when the training class is completed.


We want to maintain an ongoing relationship with each of our customers, bolster their confidence and help ensure their success in the transportation industry. To this end, we offer free consulting for all of our training customers. When shipping questions arise, an e-mail gives our customers access to the experience and expertise of the HMTC staff.


Providing the highest level of training and consulting service to our customers is HMTC’s primary goal each and every day.


Our Team

Philip C. Rieke


Amanda Adams Lightfoot


(971) 235-6177

Our Approach

HMTC provides three levels of training based on job function. Respectively, the three levels are designed for:
Those Who Do, Those Who Decide and Supervise, & Those Who Certify.

HMTC offers concise private (on-site) training designed to meet the training requirements for Those Who Do. These are employees who are responsible for compliance activities such as picking materials, packaging, marking, labeling, documenting, and loading and unloading packages of regulated materials. Interactive courses provide students at this level with all applicable materials and skills to meet their general awareness, function specific, safety and security awareness training requirements. Lesson plans for these courses are based on specific regulation-based learning objectives. Each objective is identified, covered in training, tested, and certified as achieved. Tuition for this level of training varies based on the specific course and number of students within a company requiring the training.
HMTC’s training for Those Who Decide and Supervise is done primarily through instructor-delivered courses. Individuals at this level must have comprehensive knowledge and understanding so that proper and compliant decisions are made. Initial training is best done through a structured program that allows participants to interact with a subject-matter expert and learn for themselves exactly how to apply all necessary regulations. Once initial training is completed, recurrent training at this level can be done through web-based courses that are both cost-effective and a very efficient way of carrying out review and communicating regulatory changes.
Training for Those Who Certify is HMTC’s core function . Through years of experience with all types of hazards and shipments, HMTC provides a unique classroom setting for this highest training level. The trainer’s perspective is based not only on a comprehensive knowledge of the applicable regulations, but on interactions with literally thousands of individuals and experience with many thousands of shipments. Whether as a result of personal relationships with regulators or of working through a wide variety of difficult shipments with customers, HMTC is well-equipped to present unique opportunities for its customers to learn and grow. The goal of every training class is to create successful, self-sufficient individuals who can ensure compliant and safe shipments for their employers.