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Public Courses:  HMTC offers a variety of training courses (see course listing for DESCRIPTIONS) on a regularly scheduled basis.  These courses are held in Oak Ridge, TN. See the 2010 schedule listed under the CLASSES description. These courses are open to all on a space-available basis. For a registration form please contact or

Private Courses: HMTC offers two types of private courses listed below.

  1. Private Company Participants Only:  HMTC offers companies the opportunity to schedule training as a private class for their personnel only.  These classes are not identified on the schedule of courses, and are customized for the company’s specific requirements and needs.  Pricing is done on an individual basis with every attempt being made to create a unique and cost-effective training program.  For further details, contact the HMTC office.
  2. Publicly Hosted Courses:  HMTC offers customers the opportunity to host a training class at a time and location of their choosing.  Typically, this would be advantageous for a customer who has immediate training needs for a number of personnel but does not have highly specific training requirements.  In return for providing the training site and allowing the class to be opened to outside participants, tuition discounts can be arranged.  Such courses can be added to the Public course schedule at any time.  For further details, contact the HMTC office.

Transportation Audits:  HMTC offers thorough transportation audits for the purpose of identifying transportation concerns and preventing regulatory violations.  One to five day audits of all regulated transportation activities are provided, with the duration based on company size, number and type of shipments, and personnel,.  Each audit reviews past shipments, personnel training, applicable MSDS’s and all relevant transportation practices.  It is conducted so as to ensure that the customer is made aware of all shipping program strengths and weaknesses, and receives recommended processes for improvement and for eliminating any and all compliance issues.  A confidential, written report detailing all findings and recommendations is provided following the audit.  For further information or to schedule a compliance audit, contact the HMTC office.


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