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There are a couple of changes this year (2014) as we spoke of in our last correspondence.  The IATA and IMDG classes will now be split into 2 separate classes.  One for Radioactive and one for all the other hazards.  The tuition will go up a little for IMDG and a bit more for IATA as those regulations for 2014 are being sold for $309 per copy (ouch)!!!  The Mixed waste shipper class will also add another (5th) day primarily for testing, but the tuition will not change.  All other tuitions are staying the same as 2013.

Please use the following contact information when registering for HMTC classes:

Margie Dronen
HMTC Training & Consulting
PHONE: 509-628-7736  / FAX: 509-545-1849

If you have any other questions or concerns, contact:
Philip C. Rieke
HMTC Training & Consulting
PHONE: (509) 539-7286
FAX: (509) 544-0650




HMTC’s services don’t end when the training class is completed. We want to maintain an ongoing relationship with each of our customers, bolster their confidence and help assure their success in the transportation world. To this end, we offer free consulting for all our training customers. When shipping questions arise, an e-mail or a quick telephone call gives our customers access to the experience and expertise of the HMTC staff.


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